A Night for Green Beauty

A Night for Green Beauty

Kiss Kiss Goodnight is excited to participate in A Night For Green Beauty.  A Night For Green Beauty is a brand focused event for the people creating green beauty and the fans that love it.  Join us online, Thursday, August 2 from 7-9pm EST and become a part of a global community that celebrates safe and effective beauty products. 

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Shelly the founder rubbing product on the back of her hand over beakers

The Science of Newborn Skin and Why Your Baby Wash Matters

Why do babies need gentle baby wash? During the first year, baby’s skin is still changing and developing-- it actually differs in structure and composition from adult skin. Here’s what baby’s skin needs-- and what it doesn’t.

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mom massaging baby's back

Everything You Need to Know About Baby Massage.

If you’ve been asking yourself “What are the benefits of baby massage?” or “Why should I add baby massage to my already busy day?”, you’ll find the quick and easy answers here. We chatted with a licensed massage therapist to get the scoop, along with some easy-to-use techniques for busy mommas.

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mom laughing and nuzzling baby. baby laughing

Mommas: Here’s the Science Behind Why Your Happiness Matters.

Here is science behind the idea that a mom’s happiness matters. Here’s what it says (take note, mommas).

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mother and two young kids making food in the kitchen

Make The Morning Easier, Momma: Things That Make it Possible.

Waking up to a crying baby, then bolting out of bed to rush around and get out the door on time (and with your sanity) just isn’t fun-- whether you’re a morning person or not.

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Shelly the founder smiling wearing a black and white polkadot dress

What Education Means to Me: A Manifesto from Our Founder.

Kiss Kiss Goodnight will help further the education of women and girls around the world. Here’s how.

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