My family's response to COVID-19

My family's response to COVID-19

I try not to think of the weeks or months ahead or what “could” happen and just focus on the day at hand (kind of like when you have a newborn and you are just looking forward to the days when you can some sleep, you know it will come, but not sure when).

Like most families, we are trying to connect and enjoy some much-needed family time and still find enough structure.

I am a homebody, so in some ways, I am happy to be home with my family. I was overwhelmed with our routine of waking up exhausted and pushing through the entire day only to be met with afterschool activities, homework, rushed dinners and over-exhausted kids - that still want to do more - before bedtime.  

This is how we have been filling our days...

  • We are committed to getting this house decluttered and cleaned. Every day we tackle one room. We clean it from top to bottom and get rid of everything that “does not bring joy” - is that still a thing?"


  • The kids are doing SOME school work. My two older children can complete their work independently. My 11-year-old daughter sits uncomplaining for several hours and completes her work. My 9-year old son battles me, even to write in his school journal. My kindergartener is happy to work, but needs my assistance.  ’ve always wondered if we could manage homeschooling… here goes.

  • I am enjoying the innocence of my baby during this time. She has no idea what is going on and is soooo happy.  


  • We are loving the early spring and getting out for family runs and walks. We may even try to play baseball as a family of 6. Baby Penny will be in the outfield (kidding).


  • We are committed to reading a lot - the kids read independently, reading out loud together and me reading on my own. I am reading an actual BOOK not listening to an audiobook;  it’s still possible.


  • We are trying to reserve TV time for the end of the day, but we need a brain break every so often during the day. It’s basically family movie night every night. Disney+ has been amazing. Frozen 2 is getting better every time I see it. 


  • We are having all our meals at home. We enjoy a big lunch and a smaller dinner. We are trying new recipes that have simple ingredients but require more time… homemade bagels anyone? 

  • I am still wrapping up the development of new products. Stay tuned for more information in the near’s going to be EPIC! I now wake up around 5am to work before the kids get up. I am enjoying the quiet time in the morning; I end my day by 9pm.


  • My husband is working from home too.  He is working on a release of the game “Dunk Lords” today, check it out.  We take turns taking care of the kids and working during the day (fine, we argue about whose turn it is to work).He stays up late to get some quiet time to work. How does a night owl and a morning lark co-exist? More on this later.

Are we going to follow a schedule? We tried an hour by hour schedule, it did not work. A loose schedule suits our family dynamics. 

Early-morning: mom works

Mid-morning: kids are up/breakfast

Late-morning: school work/Penny’s nap

Afternoon (no real schedule but a list):

  • lunch
  • cleaning
  • more school work
  • outdoor activity
  • boardgame, puzzle
  • another nap for Penny

Evening: dinner

Night: reading/TV

The uncertainty of this time weighs more on me than last week’s full routine. Still, I am hopeful that the summer will bring all the joy it usually does. 

Stay Safe!

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