kiss kiss goodnight bundle

  • Each bundle provides a week of secondary education for a girl. Soothing nighttime skincare that GIVES.

    Our 3-in-1 Baby Bath Gel, Layette Baby Massage Oil and Beyond Belly Oil products are formulated by an Ivy League-educated momma of 3-who appreciates simple skincare and a simple nighttime routine. Through our soothing nighttime skincare, we make it possible for children and mothers around the world to sleep easier.

    *Proceeds donated to

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Your purchase of Kiss Kiss Goodnight's products help us lend support for women and girls worldwide.

We have committed to fund a year of schooling for four girls through Room to Read, an organization that supports literacy and girls’ education worldwide. Every time you give your baby a Kiss Kiss Goodnight bath, know that your love and nurturing extends beyond your own child and flows to mothers and girls everywhere.

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