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you love being a momma AND you crave time to just be you.

you love your busy, loud, energetic days AND look forward to easy, calm, peaceful nights.

you love your baby AND you count the minutes until bedtime.

At Kiss Kiss Goodnight, we know how deeply mommas love. And we also know that, by the end of the day, all momma wants is a sleepy baby and a few moments to herself.

That’s why Kiss Kiss Goodnight products are developed with one goal in mind: a sleepy baby and a happy momma.

we’re on a mission to make simplify (and purify) baby’s bedtime.

We use only gentle, natural ingredients, selected with a mother’s care and the knowledge of an expert formulator, which means that every ingredient is meaningful, and there are no preservatives, irritants or toxins in sight.

We’re here to help you create a comforting bedtime experience that relaxes baby and nourishes momma. So baby can drift off to sleep with ease. And momma can, too.

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here’s how we’re doing that, starting now:

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creating change

1. Our ingredients support women and education: We source our Kalahari Melon Seed oil directly from Southern Africa, where it makes a world of difference to the women who harvest it-- they use the money they earn to gain their own financial freedom; to support their children with food, clothing and shelter; and to send their children to school.

2. Secondly, we have committed to helping fund literacy education through Room to Read, an organization that supports literacy and girls’ education worldwide. Each full-size product sold provides 1 week of literacy education for a child. Every time you give your baby a Kiss Kiss Goodnight bath, know that your love and nurturing extends beyond your own child and flows to another.

3. We are committed to fostering positive and change-making dialogue amongst our community of mommas: We believe that change can only come about when we face and try to understand the problems that impact our world. That’s why we use our bedtime blog to share information that supports and uplifts mommas, and also to help you understand the issues that surround the education of mothers and girls worldwide (and how, together, we can make a positive impact!).

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