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3-in-1 baby bath gel

massage gel + milk cleanser + natural moisturizer

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this is natural, nighttime skincare.

developed with one goal in mind: a sleepy baby and a happy momma. (because we know: at the end of the day, all momma wants is a sleepy baby and a few moments to herself.)

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3-in-1 baby bath gel

Get ready to simplify the bedtime routine, momma.

We created the best all natural baby wash with both mom and baby in mind. Our 3-in-1 Baby Bath Gel is a natural massage gel + gentle milk cleanser + moisturizer in one, with everything you need to nourish baby’s skin. Nothing more, nothing less.

Unwind your day with a Kiss Kiss Goodnight.

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We’re on a mom-powered, baby-soothing mission.

Through our products, we make it possible for mothers and babies around the world to sleep easier.

Through our commitment to giving, we help women build confidence, increase their choices and empower them to improve their lives, their children’s lives and the vibrancy of their entire community.

Learn more about how we’re making our vision a reality.

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just like baby needs a soft place to land at night, so do you, momma.

The Kiss Kiss Goodnight bedtime blog is here to help make bedtime easier, to remind you to truly take care of yourself and to help you create more magic in your days (even when they seem really, really long).

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