Voted Best Baby Care in the US- beauty shortlist.

We get it.

You love being a momma AND you crave time to just be you.

You love your busy, loud, energetic days AND look forward to easy, calm, peaceful nights.

You love your baby AND you count the minutes until bedtime.

At Kiss Kiss Goodnight, we know how deeply mommas love. And we also know that, by the end of the day, all momma wants is a sleepy baby and a few moments to herself.

Our nighttime skincare transforms chore-like, nighttime routines into experiential and feel-good, nighttime rituals. We create plant-based products that encourage families to connect in sweet and simple ways at the end of the day.

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Kiss Kiss Goodnight is powered by one motivated momma.

Our founder, Shelly Ann Winokur is a momma of 4 and a professional skincare formulator.  She founded Kiss Kiss Goodnight at night after her children went to bed.  Like most parents, she used the hours her kids slept to work on her passion projects.  Shelly’s passion was making plant-based skincare, which she then used to lull her kids to sleep.  The gentle massages and soothing milk bath were the perfect end to the day for her children and the perfect transition to her me-time.  Shelly wants to share her products to help other parents create meaningful nighttime rituals with their children and savor some time for themselves during the “long days.”

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At Kiss Kiss Goodnight we know a mother’s care extends beyond her own children.

A mother understands the challenges of raising children and can only imagine how difficult it would be to provide for them with little resources. The key resource needed to raise happy and healthy children is education.  Educated mothers and children raise above their adversities.  

At Kiss Kiss Goodnight we strive to meaningfully impact children and mothers near and far.  We extend and share the generosity of you, our customers by using a percentage of our revenue to fund literacy programs and girls education in developing countries.

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