When I wanted to make skincare for my children, I read clinical studies to learn more about the science of baby’s skin. After hundreds of hours of reading, I was confused about why my baby books did not talk about the subtleties of a newborn’s skin or the product functionalities needed to cleanse and care for it.

My son was struggling with eczema at the time (read his story), and I was disappointed when I realized some of the products and skincare routines I used in the past actually made his skin worse. Could I have avoided his skin problems with this scientific understanding of the skin? How could I use this information to improve the health of his skin?

When I had my 4th baby, I decided to help her develop healthy, resilient skin from the start.  I was inspired to develop skincare products and rituals that gently cleansed, hydrated and protected the skin, and Kiss Kiss Goodnight was born.

At the beginning, Kiss Kiss Goodnight was my side hustle after my kids went to bed. I would lull them to sleep with a soothing massage with our Sweet Whispers Hydrating Lotion or a magical milk bath with our Lullaby Melting Balm Cleanser. At the end of the day, all my kids wanted was connection, comfort and cuddles. It is my hope that Kiss Kiss Goodnight can help you create meaningful nighttime rituals with your little ones.

Shelly wants to give mommas the peace of mind that comes from knowing they’re using pure, gentle, and natural products on their children -- the same kind of feeling she knows her mother had when Shelly was a baby in her native Trinidad and Tobago with her homemade coconut oil massages.