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Lullaby is the only skincare product we recommend for newborn babies.

Our Lullaby is a multitasker! It is gentle enough to use on baby acne and dry skin. You can use it to cleanser the entire body or you can use it with a fine comb/brush for managing cradle cap. Available in two sizes: full size and travel size in our discovery kit.

3+ Months

After 3 months baby's skin in more developed and they can enjoy other skincare products like our Sweet Whispers Hydrating Lotion and our Peace of Mind Protective Balm on their face and body.

Baby will have a feel-good, sensorial experience with our soothing and aromatic skincare.


Toddlers will have a blast with our microbiome-friendly jellies. They provide a good break from the suds! They can apply them on to the skin themselves and watch it transform into a milk in the bath.

They will like developing sweet nighttime rituals with all our skincare products.

Families and Adults with Sensitive Skin

Everyone can enjoy our dermatologically tested skincare for sensitive skin.

Our plant-based skincare is formulated to help everyone develop healthy, resilient skin.

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