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Newborn: baby acne, dry skin, cradle cap

Lullaby is the only skincare product we recommend for newborn babies.

Our Lullaby is a multitasker! It is gentle enough to use on baby acne and dry skin. You can also couple it with our Full Moon sponge for cleansing the entire body or you can use it with a fine comb/brush for managing cradle cap.
Available in two sizes: full size and travel size in our discovery kit.

Diaper Rash

Our Yellow Star Prebiotic Jelly and Peace of Mind Protective Balm are a 100% plant-based, microbiome friendly solution for the diaper area.

Use our yellow jelly to gently soothe and cleanse the diaper area. You can also use the yellow jelly as leave on product to get the full benefits of the prebiotics. Then use our protective balm to nourish and form a barrier for the compromised skin. Works well on red, mildly irritated skin or angry diaper rash.


Eczema is caused by a compromised microbiome, skin barrier and pH disturbance. Harsh cleansing and overcleaning can make eczema worst. We recommend cleaning the skin with gentle, microbiome friendly cleansers like Lullaby and our Prebiotic Jellies .e give the skin a break from the suds.

Minimal cleansing and gentle cleansing is the key to rebuilding compromised skin.

Sensitive Skin

Everyone can enjoy our dermatologically tested skincare for sensitive skin.

Our plant-based skincare is formulated to help everyone develop healthy, resilient skin.

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