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The research shows:

During the first year, a baby’s skin is still changing and developing – it differs in structure and composition from an adult's skin.

Baby's outer skin layer is 30% times thinner than an adult's outer skin layer. Baby's fragile skin barrier is responsible for protecting it from toxins and water loss. Harsh cleansers and bath products can strip moisture and alter the pH of baby's skin.

Altering the pH of baby’s skin can damage baby's microbiome (the diverse, harmless, or beneficial microorganisms that colonize the skin surface), leaving baby susceptible to skin ailments like eczema even infections.  

Still, water alone is not enough to clean the skin and a cleanser is needed to emulsify the pee, poop and spit-up on the skin surface so these impurities can easily be removed by water.

Lullaby Melting Balm Cleanser

 The Lullaby Melting Balm Cleanser is a massage balm + gentle cleanser + moisturizer in one. It contains organic, cold-pressed oils rich in vitamin E and omega 6, which are known to not just maintain but improve baby’s natural skin barrier.

After the oil-based balm is massaged onto baby’s skin, some of the nourishing oils absorb into the skin, and the balm left on the surface of baby’s skin transforms into a cleansing milk in the bathwater. The milk is easily rinsed off taking away impurities with it. Since the melting balm cleanser is an oil-based cleanser, it moisturizes the skin while it cleanses and has minimal impact on the microbiome and pH of baby’s skin.  After the bath, little to no product is left on baby's skin allowing it to breathe, change, and develop as nature intended.

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Our Sweet Whispers Hydrating Face and Body Lotion

Our hydrating lotion has the perfect balance of fast-absorbing essential fatty acids like omega 3 and 6 (from the Kalahari melon seed oil and sea buckthorn fruit oil) and nourishing fatty acids like omega 9 (from the nilotica shea butter and apricot oil).  

Sweet Whispers is mildly acidic and therefore helps the skin return to a healthy pH of 5. Skin that has a higher pH (neutral or basic) is more prone to skin ailments like eczema.  

Oil-in-water emulsions like our lotion has been clinically proven to support the skin barrier. Water-based skincare products enhance the absorption of nourishing oils into the skin. Lotions enhance the skin's moisture level, making it noticeably softer.  

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Peace of Mind Protective Barrier

Our Peace of Mind Protective Balm is an occlusive emollient.  Occlusives are moisturizers that are mostly oil-based and serve the function of maintaining skin water content by creating a hydrophobic barrier over the skin and blocking trans-epidermal water loss (prevents water from leaving the skin). 

Furthermore, cupuaçu butter is proven to have superior water-absorbing capabilities, enhancing the moisture level of the skin. 

Pracaxi oil contains high amounts of oleic, linoleic, and behenic fatty acids, which are frequently utilized in the skincare industry for scar and wound therapy. 

Our Peace of Mind Protective balm soothes the skin by protecting it from water loss, attracting water, and soothing skin, like irritated diaper areas.  

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