Rewards Program

Welcome to our Rewards Program

Earn KISSES (our version of points) to use on future purchases.

How to earn and redeem KISSES

(if you have purchased from us in the past, you may have KISSES waiting for you. Log-on to your account to check)

yes, you can get 500 KISSES (and redeem for $5 off your order) for just signing up!

Here is how to start:

1. Click on our "Rewards and Referral" application button

From your desktop: Click on "Reward and Referral Info" application button (shown below) on the lower right corner of the webpage 

From your mobile device: Click on "Reward and Referral Info" application button (shown below) on the lower right corner of the webpage 

2. If you are not already signed into your Kiss Kiss Goodnight account, input  your email address into the "Reward and Referral Info" application. You will get an email with link that automatically signs you into your account on our website.

3. Navigate your rewards.

Our  "Reward and Referral Info" application shows you

  • How to earn KISSES
  • How to redeem KISSES via a unique coupon code
  • A log of your KISSES transactions


We are sooo... excited to share
kiss kiss goodnight with you and your family.