Supporting Moms

We touch the lives of mothers around the world.

We embrace the dualities of motherhood: that it is the hardest thing we have ever done and also the most joyful, worthy venture we’ve ever entered into. That we are enough for our children, and that we need more than just ourselves to thrive in motherhood.

This is a hard job. Mothers everywhere deserve praise, love and support.

But they don’t always get it. And we don’t just think that needs to change. We want to be part of the solution. That’s why we are fiercely dedicated to supporting the education of mothers and girls around the world. A commitment to giving back is at the core of who we are and what we seek to create.

When we educate mothers, we give them the resources they need to take care of their families and themselves. When we educate girls—who grow to become mothers—we give them the tools to make the best decisions for their happiness and success. Through education, we help women build confidence, increase their choices and empower them to improve their lives, their children’s lives and the vibrancy of their entire community.

Here’s how we’re doing that, starting NOW:

Our ingredients support women and education: We source our Kalahari Melon Seed oil directly from Africa, where it makes a world of difference to the women who harvest it-- they use the money they earn to gain their own financial freedom; to support their children with food, clothing and shelter; and to send their children to school.

Secondly, we will donate a portion of our proceeds from our first campaign to “Room to Read” We will not disclose the amount yet, we will after the campaign.

We are committed to fostering positive and change-making dialogue amongst our community of mommas: We believe that change can only come about when we face and try to understand the problems that impact our world. That’s why we use our blog [hyperlink to blog] to share information that supports and uplifts mommas, and also to help you understand the issues that surround the education of mothers and girls worldwide (and how, together, we can make a positive impact!).