young african girl standing against brick wall with pen in her mouth smiling

At Kiss Kiss Goodnight, we are fiercely passionate about education.

Literacy has the power to bring the world together.

Many world problems can be addressed through one solution: Literacy. Why? Because knowing how to read makes people safer, healthier and more self-sufficient 

Education creates opportunities for girls. It changes everything. 

Studies show that educated girls marry later and have smaller, healthier families, invest in their children’s education, and take leadership roles in their community. It’s a simple, profound truth that educated, empowered children can grow up to raise themselves out of poverty and transform the world.

We maintain a commitment to positive and change-making dialogue amongst our community of mommas

We believe that change can only come about when we face and try to understand the problems that impact our world. That’s why we use our “Every Wink Counts” blog to share information that gives momma peace of mind.  We dive into topics about parenthood, nighttime rituals, and skincare for momma and her little ones. Our blog not only supports and uplifts mommas but also discusses the issues that surround the education of mothers and girls worldwide (and how, together, we can make a positive impact!).