Educational Impact

We are fiercely passionate about education.

That is why we donate a percentage of our revenue to girls' education and children's literacy programs in developing countries*. It’s a simple, profound truth that educated, empowered children can grow up to raise themselves out of poverty and transform the world.

*Through CAMFED, a non-profit that addresses poverty and inequality by helping girls attend school and succeed there, and Room to Read, a literacy-focused non-profit that supports girls.

Read the impact of education on Shelly’s life

Environmental Impact

We strive to make the most sustainable choices in our formulation and packaging.

We use Kalahari Melon Seed Oil in all our formulas, a sustainable and stable high linoleic (Omega 6) oil which can easily absorb market demand without impacting the environment. We are also committed to developing new products that are sustainable and are constantly researching ways to reduce or eliminate unnecessary packaging and provide refillable options.